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Ford OBS 05+ Axle Swap Kit

Ford OBS 05+ Axle Swap Kit

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This is our 05+ Superduty Axle Swap Kit, it is designed to make your swap as easy and simple as possible. All of our brackets are bolt on with a few new holes that will need to be drilled. All brackets are 1/4" steel CNC cut and MIG welded. This kit is designed to work with a lift up to 4".

Kit includes

  • Coil Buckets
  • Radius Arm Brackets
  • Track Bar Bracket
  • Sway Bar Brackets
  • Pitman Arm
  • Grade 8 Hardware

05+ Parts You will Need

  • Front Axle
  • Track Bar
  • Coil Springs
  • Steering
  • Sway Bar and End Links
  • 05-07 front break lines

Fitment notes

  • Fits 1992-1997 F250, F350
  • F150, Bronco, 80-91 and 2wd Trucks will require additional holes drilled and may need a 1/4" shim at the frame rail for the track bar bracket.
  • ZF5 Trucks will need the crossmember modified
  • Minor trimming to the engine crossmember might be required for track bar clearance (1/6" - 1/4")

Additional notes

  • Ships in raw steel
  • Drive shaft modifications might be needed
  • Your wheel bolt pattern will now be 8x170 with a 17" wheel minimum
  • Allow 1+ week of lead time


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